Shaved Ice

This past weekend I woke up before noon and headed out to the flea market. Oh memories of snow cones, sunburns, and scented pencils... I haven't been in a longggg time, and I was pleasantly surprised by both the lowered entrance fee and the goodies I found: a vintage watch for my ever-expanding arm party, some cute purses for the shop, cheap floral sunnies, bananas, and the most precious little music box keychain. I wore a thrifted paisley dress that always has me feeling like a 60's housewife (older gentlemen tend to love this dress), my largest bag and simple sandals from Ross, and I threw on a dark green military jacket at the last minute for warmth. 

The skies have been so grey, my dress really popped! Or maybe people stared because a) no one else wears dresses to the flea, and b) my bra came unhooked and fell down to my waist halfway through my journey around the market and I tried to casually hold it there while continuing to browse... That strangeness aside, I also got a new phone! My phone has a better camera than my actual point-and-shoot now. I get so excited and dorky about new phones and gadgets. What are your gals' favorite games and apps?? I'm obsessed with Angry Birds, Words With Friends, expense tracking and...

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