Cool Summer

I usually wear these lacy tights over a solid colored pair in winter, but I figured this ambiguous summer fog layer would be a great reason to wear them on their own. Please don't mind my weird face in the first pic, it was windy, I had just sipped some iced earl grey with peach, then got hair in my mouf. I tried to catch a few more photos in the shelter of my boyfriend's place, but it still being breezy, I thought I'd go with the flow and make a butterfly mask. By the way, does anyone know if there's a separate word for the clinggg going on in that shot, or does it fall under the camel-toe umbrella?  Anyway, I'm wearing a dress I made years ago, a thrifted silk scarf, second-hand Heritage 21 sweater and boots via Crossroads Trading Co., and I think the tights were from Forever 21. The nice gal at the coffee shop who made my tea treat is also a wonderful artist named Stacie whose work I see all over town on concert posters and album covers.Check out some of her creepy/dreamy world at

I envy I was the type to really practice things... If it's easy and interesting (like blogging), I'm good to ride, but not when things get tricky (like painting still life, or card weaving, or calculus). When what I create displeases me, I usually get discouraged and lose the desire to try again. Probably not the best quality, eh? That's part of the reason I love MakeUnderMyLife so much: not only reading about real gals trying to live their real-world dreams, but also getting practical tips and inspiration on how to get there, too.  

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