Buttoned Up

There's about twelve working buttons and four tassels involved in this outfit. I thought that was worth noting. If the buttons were all on the back, I'd need someone to dress me like a Victorian woman (or man). Shoulda worn my lace-up black booties! I know the Victorian resemblance stops at the buttons, though. For today's standards, the long-sleeve feels very modest, no? As often as I feel I was born in the wrong era, I wouldn't actually trade this one for anything!

secondhand J. Crew blouse from Crossroads
secondhand Nine West loafs from Crossroads
thrifted tote

I'm not usually a "tote" type of bag toter, when I found the Stuttgart tote at a thrift store and had to get it. My mother comes from Austria and her parents reside in Germany, so while I've never actually been to the city of Stuttgart, the print still reminds of our summertime visits to the country. Even though I live in California and have easy access to some pretty great views, there's something about the greenery in Europe that I miss. And the food and ice cream!

Fact of the day: Knopf is German for button

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