Nautical Navy

Why hello there pals, how are ya this fine Friday? I'm pretty darn great, just happily luxuriating in the wonderful warm weather with my fave shorts on,  sipping a deliciously sweet guava mojito I made with mint from my garden.  I was feeling pretty nautical (these sailor shorts sure have that tendency) until I mixed in the blue and pink floral shoes with the blue-toned outfit. No way would a real sailor have swabbed the deck in short-shorts and kitten heels... or would they?

I'm also really really looking forward to tomorrow. For months now, Eric and I have only had one day off work together each week, and the few hours we squeeze in at night don't always add up as  great "quality time." Tomorrow, we will get to spend the entire day together, at a baseball game in San Francisco. There might even be a little stop into a Sephora, if I can manage it! Life is sweet ♥

vintage dooney & bourke bag  
thrifted polka dot blouse
forever 21 floral kitten heels {similar}

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