Into The Skies

If a skirt can't be worn with freedom and comfort, it's probably not worth wearing (for more than hour). Not only does this little swingin' number from oasap keep it's cool with side pockets (my favorite) but it has little built in shorts to save you from any mini indiscretion! The summery turquoise color and sassy pleats caught my eye immediately.

I am so satisfied with how my first attempt at galaxy t-shirt using bleach came out. I turned an old band shirt inside out to give me a "new" canvas to spray with water/bleach solution. The sun has been shining it's hardest lately (cue the farmer's burn at the baseball game) but it helped the lightening efforts a lot. Next I want to lighten wavy stripes into some skinny jeans and tie-dye bleach some cut-offs. I knew I should have picked up the larger Clorox bottle! I used {this tutorial} ♥

diy galaxy tee
thrifted necklace
target wedges

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