Lemongrass & Pansy

Happy Monday every body! I really loved this outfit. Perfect for a clear and sunny spring day, even if the rays weren't quite radiant enough for chilly me. Oreo was loving it, even while she avoided my camera. I don't think she's ever gonna get a book deal. She is not one of those doggies who loves the spotlight. I'm sure if she ever encountered a spotlight, she would freeze like a deer. She got so disgruntled I couldn't even interest her in the lemongrass, and she's a lil chewer.

- secondhand random polka-dot dress from Crossroads
- floral elevenses coat from an Anthropologie sale
- secondhand Rachel Comey pumps from Crossroads 

P.S. Oreo's front paws are splayed; it reminds me of Dr. Seuss creatures :)

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