Green Eggs & Hem

I found an old Remington typewriter I'd had in storage and Eric is enthusiastically fiddling around with it, trying to fix the space bar. I love these old things and got this one for a steal because it needs repair; I used to put a small jar into the top and use it as a vase. I need to thrift a few vases for our place actually; we have enough blooming and good smelling plants outside to bring indoors. 

As you can see behind me there's plenty of deck space for us to put in some above-ground planters for veggies and strawberries and more herbs.We even unearthed a healthy patch of lemon verbena from under the weeds! It smells sooo refreshingly good, even better than it's soap ;) Also, I'm going to use the rosemary bush for the first time tomorrow for chicken dinner, anyone have a good recipe??

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