It's In The Bag

I wanna share a little bit of my "beauty routine" today, since I recently picking up this adorable cat-eared leopard makeup bag (for only five dollars, thanks uo sale!) In addition to various lip balms, it's usually filled with these basics on a daily basis:

Tarte inner rim brightener I'm always on the hunt for new products when it comes to brightening tired eyes. Since mine are perpetually red-rimmed and/or accompanied by dark circles, I like to carry this eyeliner with me to perk up my gaze mid-afternoon. The beige hue and creamy formula is a more natural option than chalk white, though a little harder to find.

Love + Toast clementine crush roll-on scent I discovered this perfume a few months ago and am really digging the refreshing scent. As if clementines couldn't smell any better, the blend dries down to a vanilla sugar finish with notes of guava, mandarin, and ripened mango. With summer rolling  around, I'll definitely be using this as a quick pick-me-up on hot afternoons. Plus, Love + Toast never tests on animals and a portion of every sale goes directly to Regional Affiliates of Girls Inc., an organization inspiring young girls to be smart, strong, and bold!

bareMinerals mineral veil & moisturizer I'm a pretty big bareMinerals freak; I blame it all on going to college in a town with Sephora. One demonstration of the foundation and I was hooked, but I won't go into that now. I splurged on the special addition gold dust mineral veil set last Christmas, which I carry around for t-zone touch-ups. I also like to tote around a trial-size of the moisturizer for combination skin in case I get a case of the flakies around my nose or I want to add some dewiness to my cheeks.

Burt's Bee's apricot oil I often have dry cuticles and hair, so I carry a teeny bottle of apricot oil in my kit. A drop or two rubbed between your palms tames frizz and adds shine to rough ends, or soothes hangnails and dry knees and feet.

What are your daily essentials?

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