Blue Belle

Good morning Monday ya'll. Isn't it wonderful when random perfect items make their way to you, without you needing to search? That's kind of true for everything I'm wearing today. After pining for affordable lace shorts for a year, I was lucky enough to be approached by and wham! there those comfy black babies were on my first shopping trip. Thanks again, gals! My work has had these cat's-eye sunglasses for weeks and I ignored them, but then I caved and tried them on  and fell for them. Lucky for me, I get to pay wholesale for my cheap plastic sunnies!

black lace shorts & studded bag c/o oasap ♥ vintage blouse & shoes via 
crossroads trading co. ♥ a.j. morgan cat-eye sunglasses ♥ brown hue tights

The pink velvet loafs were a Crossroads find from a different day. Finding choice items at secondhand stores means you pretty much need to work there (I was employed at Crossroads in Santa Cruz for several months and had practically no paychecks!). Either that or you have to know someone who works there or visit a lot (I work across the street from said Crossroads, which means four days I week I can potentially run through the store on my lunch hour, getting a feel for what's there and what's new). The vintage navy blouse with delicate crochet accent was an amazing find a different day, one that mixes two trends I've been meaning to try: sheer fabric and collars!

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