Tights on the Beach

I'm always so much happier when my friend Angelina is in California. Especially when she totes such a mind-blowing purse and adorable western hat. We took Oreo to the closest dog friendly beach on East Cliff to enjoy the nice weather. It's not quite warm enough for me, hence the tights, but there were a few girls out sunbathing. We said hi to the other doggies; well, we humans are more friendly than Oreo is with other dogs. Even though she's a gentle, weird little thing who's never fought another creature, she can seriously send out some vibes. Some bigger dogs wouldn't come within six feet of her! Grr.

oasap lace shorts (ooh, check out the new tasseled version)
♥ bdg cardigan on sale from uo
♥ dollhouse smoking slippers from ross
♥ thrifted blouse
♥ thrifted hat

I'm pretty stoked on these tights I ordered online, even though I'd been hoping for a deeper, browner shade, especially since the hue was called "paprika." Any suggestions on finding the perfect orange-y-reddish-brown tights under $20?? Also, stay tuned for the after pics tomorrow when I makeover these shoes (I already have a leopard pair). Happy Monday!

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