Braidin' & Beadin' Bracelet DIY

What You'll Need:

embroidery thread, or thin thin string or cord
• 50-80 beads (make sure all the string will fit!)
• 1-3 needlepoint needles (optional)**
**I like to thread a thin embroidery or needlepoint needle onto each of the three strands I'm braiding and beading. It's not necessary but trust me, it makes the beading part a whole lot easier and faster.

Step 1

For a single loop bracelet, cut three 36" (about 90cm) length of embroidery thread. If you'd like to make a double or triple length wrap bracelet, add about six extra inches for each desired loop. Fold the bundle of threads in half and tie a knot, leaving a medium sized loop. This will become the "eye" of the closure. You can either use tape to secure your work to a hard surface, or a safety pin to anchor it to the knee of your jeans. Tape or pin the loop to your work surface and divide the threads into three groups. Have your beads handy nearby in a shallow dish or something.

**This is when I would thread a needlepoint needle onto each braiding strand and string a few beads onto the lower part of each. Note: After trying this bracelet method with single strands and the smaller beads, I really wasn't satisfied, so I made another with doubled strands; hence this tutorial ;) You can see both results at the end.

Step 2

Start braiding! I braided straight thread for a half inch before I started incorporating beads. This part is up to you; you could start sliding beads up right off the bat. To braid in the beads, start with the left thread (1). Push a bead up close to your bracelet and fold string 1 over string 2. Repeat this process with the right string (3); and so on as you continue a basic braid. Experiment with braiding a section or two between bead clusters; I found that small beads can be braided in close to each other, but larger one need more room to lay out properly. I got fancy with the alternating beads, but they look really pretty when they're all smooth edged, too.

Step 3

End the bracelet as you started: leave out the beads and tie a knot with the thread when you reach your desired length. I found it very easy to just use more beads to make a closure, but of course you could use a button or other larger bead, or actual real jewelry supplies ;) For mine, I threaded a few beads onto each thread before tying them all into another knot, creating a little ball of beads to anchor through the loop.


♥ consider checking out Honestly WTF's beaded bracelet tutorial for more ideas and "simpler" instructions. :) 
Enjoy ♥

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