Sails & Plaid

Guess what I'm posting from right now? The most wonderful amazing computer I picked out last night. I have been using two (old and even older) laptops for several years; my high school-era pc is too outdated to run anything but a web browser really, really slowly, while my college-era iBook provided me with an old edition of photo-editing software and more RAM. Oh, and Oreo completely broke off an "a" key a few years ago, so typing required the constant CTRL+V pasteage of an A I copied from a document. But no more!

Anyway, these photos are from a few weeks ago when it was still clear and sunny; it is the opposite now and uh oh, we covered up my blank outfit photo wall with a table. So I'm setting my alarm a little early just so I can (hopefully) squeeze in an outfit shot in our new garden. Also, I caved a few nights ago and got bangs again; I just couldn't stay away! These photos and old background already seem like "the past."

• plaid bdg tunic from crossroads
• self-made nautical skirt {tutorial here}
• wet seal booties
• forever 21 socks
• maybelline's super stay lip stain in fresh fuchsia

Oh I think this is what I was wearing the day I randomly met musician/blogger Krystal of What Is Reality Anyway? I never meet bloggers! I was super giddy and nervous but I told her I recognized her and she was supa sweet and of course, looked awesome ♥

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  1. I'm in love with the nautical print on your skirt. So adorable :)


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