My Eatin' Dress

Even though it really has nothing at all to do with the character's wardobe, I felt like the girl in The Secret Garden in this outfit. What's the key to the look for me? The boots. I get so much wear out of them, I just have to re-tell you that they were literally one cent. As in I scored at Wet Seal's usually unfortunate "Buy One Get One For a Penny" sale. The shoes are holding up much better than I expected and I wear them with everything, including this unbelievably wonderful coat I threw on for some unbelievably delicious sushi last Friday. Luckily the dress has, well pockets of course, but also a lightly elasticized waist, because we were soooo full we had to waddle home slowly, like bloated penguins.

♥ floral bdg dress from Crossroads Trading Co. {similar here and here}
♥ black straw hat from Crossroads Trading Co. {similar}
♥ lace up Wet Seal boots
♥ dotted grey Forever 21 tights

Even thought it's so luxurious and cozy, I took off the faux fur collar (see it here). When I go downtown it gets commented on by street people, and not pleasantly. Seriously, strangers are like "HEY what animal did that come off of." I usually say something like "a plastic one" or "a stuffed toy" but they still just glare and stare. What is with people? Good thing the jacket is already red, just in case one day some barefoot hippie with a cell phone and a drug problem decides to throw paint on me for my "morals." Psh!

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