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Contrary to appearances, I haven't been totally flaking on my 365 Photo-a-day project. However, trying to actually post them daily has been a little much. I love the idea of looking back on these photos in sequence even more as we get our new place all set up. In the meantime, it's pretty silly how much of my daily focus turns out to be food related...

*307* One of my all-time favorite ice cream discoveries
*306* Cookie cupcake (oxymoron?)


*304* What could be better than the company of your best friend? 
Perhaps the addition of some fresh baked bread and butter <3


*302* My favorite sushi roll on the left is such a rare treat for me - imagine a tempura fried roll of smoked salmon, spicy mustard, avocado, and a little center of cream cheese. It goes by different names in different restaurants, but at I <3 Sushi, it's called the Near Santa Cruz. Eric likes the more traditional stuff like nigiri (and sweet egg, plate on the right).

*301* Glimpse of the little field behind our new backyard fence

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