Morning Glory

I'm so so so enamored of this sweetly collared floral dress. I haven't been so excited about an article of clothing since the bold hued cable knit Forever 21 sweaters I kept buying in January. I picked up this gem a few weeks ago before my shopping ban, originally thinking it could make it into the shop. But when I tried it on, it fit so perfectly that I don't think I'll part with it. The colors are lovely, and while I know that the flowers aren't, the blues and plummy shades remind me of morning glory flowers, one of my favorites. And if you can't tell from my excited pointing, it does the amazing job of giving an illusion of a waist to a "ruler" gal.


There's going to be a few more outfit posts with this background, but I'm excited to find new places to take photos in my yard, since I'm writing this outfit post from the blissful comfort of our new digs! We moved most of the heavy furniture in with a friend's help {thanks Pat!} and I'm lounging on a new comfy bed with my computer on my lap, a blueberry muffin on one hand, and an amazing guy on the other hand, who is reciting along to Monty Python.  

♦ floral dress from Crossroads Trading Co.
♦ vintage velvet slippers from Crossroads
♦ vintage basket bag from an estate sale
♦ Forever 21 neon studded bracelet

I can't quite decide if the dress is vintage or a reproduction. The fabric is really soft and nice and seems much too new and it's entirely possible the faded lace collar and rumpled vintage label were added to make it seem older than it is. Either way, I got it for less than ten dollars so it doesn't really matter. It's still my favorite new dress!

Our clothes our scattered everywhere in garbage bags and piles and we have no seating for company yet, but I'm really looking forward to getting set up for my birthday party/housewarming on Friday. I'm thinking limeade-mojitos or a Bloody Mary bar, Chicago-style hot dogs, a makeshift photo booth, candy candy candy everywhere, card games on the table, Archer on the television, dance music on the stereo and darts in the garage. 

I'm also trying to come up with a dress code theme for this random shindig, since I finally have my own place to demand such silly things of my reluctant friends. Maybe I'll wear this dress again, and have my pals wear blue and purple or florals. What are some fun themes you know of?

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