Double Button Up

Greetings from a blank wall of our new place! I have a few more outfit photos from the old place, but I really wanted to post a more recent shot. We've got the bedroom and bathroom set up, and most of the kitchen; the space where I'm standing is going to be dolled up with a little kitchen table  once we find one or have time to go to the flea market together. I've already found two awesome lamps at the thrift store in perfect working order, for less than thirty dollars. If we can find some couches by this weekend, I'll have an awesome new pad to host my birthday party.

I had a really successful shopping trip as an early present for my mom and I also really wanted to share these shorts with ya'll! These babies incorporate so many wonderful details into one sassy short: cute button-up front, high waist, side welt pockets and . They're also really comfortable; I wore them all day at work and am still reclining in them while I watch My Week With Marilyn. I'm thinking about trying to get someone to gift me with both the yellow and black versions of these shorts...maybe I should pick up some of M's doozy-eyed seduction tips and unbutton that blouse a few notches.

BDG sailor shorts from uo
♥ secondhand Gap blouse from Ccrossroads Trading Co.
♥ Tresics cardigan {similar}
♥ Dollhouse flats from Ross {similar}
♥ double layered black tights

Ick, the rain and my recent love of straight hair are not blending well. Back to hats and waves :) Oh, and I found these pyramid stud earrings at Cost Plus while shopping for a few household toiletry items, and can't help thinking of a line from American Dad:"why does everything from Cost Plus smell funny and break after two days?" I'm on day one so far. I'll let you know how painting them gold with nail polish goes; hopefully they won't melt or explode.  Same with the shoes, except I wasn't thinking of painting them gold until just now, or worried about them combusting. I already have a leopard pair of loafer-style slip-ons, but I couldn't resist this cheap pair at Ross. I was considering dying them black, but now I'm intrigued by the golden idea. I love gooooooooold!

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