Carmel Day 2

Saturday we were woken up at eight a.m. by Oreo's yelps, which were caused by other guests moving about on the grounds. If you've ever traveled with a pet, you probably know that it can be a bit trying at times (I imagine this is what kids are like, multiplied by a million—yikes!) but I'm still glad we all had this nice weekend all together. Breakfast was freshly made and served outside in the already-warm morning sunshine; I never liked scones before this delicious Almond Cherry confection! I highly recommend the Edgemere Cottages and friendly proprietor, D ♥

Carmel is a wealthy, extremely dog-oriented little community just south of Monterey and Pebble Beach. Almost all the galleries, restaurants, hotels and stores encourage you to bring your pet with you, and everywhere you look are happy, content dogs and their masters. Lo and behold, the weekend we were there boasted a Poodle Parade. We took Oreo to the beach (they're all dog beaches) in the afternoon, and it was packed with illustrious poodles playing after they pranced with their owners, who often wore similar bows or accessories. Tall poodles, tiny poodles, black, white, brown, and mottled poodles, poodles who looked like cotton candy — it was crazy! Poor little Oreo was more than a little concerned, even though these were all the nicest of pups.

One more post full of Carmel photos + an outfit = tomorrow :]

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