Carmel Day 3

Wow it's already Wednesday! This is the his weekend was so relaxing and fun. I spent some time browsing charity shops and came away with an awesome haul! We also did a little peruse of Doris Day's hotel The Cypress Inn (also full of poodles this weekend), various cookie shops and stopped at the Mission on our way out of town.

There could be worse things on your grave than palm trees and abalone shells, no?

Saw the most beeee-utiful vintage sewing machine...

...and lovely sunsets. Ate more seafood in a weekend than I normally do in a year. Walked more than I usually do, too haha. Bonded with my moms. Stopped at Target halfway home and found a few goodies, including the dress (and tights) I wore back to work on Monday. I have a bunch of warm, fuzzy, sunset-drenched memories (and photos) of this lovely weekend, the joy of being home  next to my man again, a pile of "new" clothes to play with. What more could I ask for? ♥

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