no-name skirt \\ top via Crossroads \\ thrifted belt \\ Dollhouse flats via Ross \\ UO purse

I was drawn to this grey top but then rarely wore it, until I discovered how much more I liked it with its flappy unflattering short sleeves tucked inside to make it look sleeveless! I wanted to dress this skirt up a bit more than last time. Do you think ruffles, crochet and stripes counts as pattern-mixing? Either way, it was a lovely sunny day in Santa Cruz, I spent it mostly inside at work, but I got out for some photos in the warm sun on my lunch break in the afternoon.

I'm having trouble finding balance between ten-hour shifts, sleep, and personal fulfillment. So often I find myself following a long list of "have to's" each day, and resenting that there's not always enough time for "want to's." I wish I wanted to work and do laundry and dishes -hah! At least I'm getting to blog my heart out!

What's your favorite way to relax after a long day at work? I tend to just rush home so I can collapse on my bed and try to unwind by reading or turning on the computer...

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