Want-y Wednesday

Just some lazy morning lusting at nasty gal:  JC Reality Cutout wedge, Singled Out dress, Two-Tone Circle shades, Velvet Stripe tank.

I adore those shoes... Years ago during a little trip to Vegas I bought black strappy platform cutout wooden wedge sandals from Steve Madden, wore them to my college graduation (bad idea on grass), then traded them in at Crossroads after they had sat mouldering (figuratively) in my closet for a while. I have frequently regretted this isolated incident. Le Quaintrelle rocks them and gave me the sharpest pangs of remorse when I first discovered her blog, and now that the look is everywhere I'm kicking myself even more. I've almost got my buying-crap-on-impulse problem completely handled, but oh well, live and learn, and hoard wisely.

Is there an item of clothing from your past that you gave away, lost, or "outgrew" that you still think about mournfully every once in a while?

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