Too Cool for Prep School

There's something about shorts suits that I find utterly adorable and charming. Boys private school uniforms, Leiderhosen, Angus Young, aaaah! But for gals we can make it sleek, chic or casual. Imagine having a lovely little life where every day you traipsed around in cute shorts, a blazer, and a pretty blouse complimented by a string tie/statement necklacce and heels. I want a shorts suit in every color! And I probably need to rob Zoe's incredible bolo collection...

So this is my every variation on ze soot. Choosing a fitted blazer, tucking in the shirt and adding a belt added a nice tailored element, while denim cutoffs and grey gingham kept things casual. Sorry I don't look as well as I feel, life is good but I've been a little tired lately. Heppy Two's-day everyone! Try to compliment two strangers today <3

belt \\\ thrifted
shoes \\\ wetseal
bcbgirls blazer \\\ ross
top \\\ crossroads trading
jean shorts \\\ hand-me-downs


  1. Hello honey!! You look FAB!! I really like those jeans shorts!! I'm following1

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



  2. Lovely outfit! and its great how you show the inspiration for your style. Such interesting blog!
    Hugs from Australia - the motherland of AC/DC :)
    Marusya V

  3. Absolutely gorgeous and I agree, there is something SO charming about shorts & suits. I'm loving how you've styled yours here... such a cute & chic look. x veronika

  4. Wow! I agree! You are wayyyyy too cool for prep school...lovin' that shirt! =)

    Kristina J.

  5. I think you look just darling! I need to find a good blazer, I cannot seem to find one that fits me correctly! Anyways, I love the structured look and fit, too cute!

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  6. What a babe, ow ow!

    xoxo Maria


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