May Flower

Now that the temperatures are rising, I must say that you all NEED to find a light, airy cotton skirt. It's like flower petals across your bare skin. If you can't find one, make one! I was lucky to find this pink perfection at Crossroads for $7, which is cheaper than good tissue-weight cotton by the yard. Somehow I managed to spray mineral water, juice, and pizza sauce on this skirt before the afternoon was done. That's a lot of spilling for one day.

April was a nice month, I can't believe it's May! Soon it'll be June and REAL SUMMER!! I'm also getting a little vintage shop going online that I should be able to share with you soon. Sorry to be gushy but I'm just so happy to be in a wonderful relationship finally, it really makes the rest of my life seem more hopeful to have a wonderful person who loves, supports and understands me <3

Isn't the internet world serendipitous sometimes? So many people, yet so many coincidences. The other day after posting my Stay Golden outfit, I logged onto Chictopia and saw more than one title referencing staying gold. Whoops? I wonder how many Mayflowers will pop up!

necklace \\\ cost plus
flats \\\ crossroads
skirt \\\ crossroads
bag \\\ kimchi blue
scarf \\\ thrifted
top \\\ h+m


  1. I LOVE that skirt! the color of it is darling :)


  2. oh my goodness, that skirt is lovely and ethereal and perfect! what a great find! I feel your pain about the spilling, I had an exboyfriend who always called me Pigpen because it almost seems like I spill on purpose I do it so frequently. hopefully you didn't stain your skirt!

  3. Hope it is not rude to say I looooove the pics you found of the flowers...the colour saturation is fabulous... and your outfit is cute too!

  4. Wow! I really like that necklace!

  5. These pictures are just beautiful and I love that your happiness really shines though in them. Coincidences are so funny...I just posted tree climbing pictures to find someone else posted a tree climbing set a few days ago. It's that collective unconscious! I think the spring just bring certain things and memories our of us. The colors in this post are just incredible.

  6. aww annabanana coincidentally, you're so sweet <3

    Thanks My <3 Blogged, Gal Meets Glam, and Queen of M!

    Alex - I blotted most of the sauce off, so I'm hoping it'll be dandy after a washing :)

    Lemondrop Marie - you are too darling, I hope you're spring is filled with a million flowers!!

    Fourth Daughter - you so silly! I'm grateful you love the photos I find, I want you to share in the beauty out there!!

  7. WOW,love this outfit, so girlish!!!


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