Recently I was honored with an invitation to join www.swapstop.blogspot.com. Though I'm late in posting my introduction post, I'm in dire need of a closet cleaning, so soon I should add some of my own items to the site!

Are you interested in bringing something new (to you) to your closet in exchange for something you've lost the thrill for? If so please checkout our SWAP STOP blog.

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Why should you join us?
  • Something new to wear and style
  • Guilt free because you are getting rid of something you aren't in love with anymore
  • Recycling fashion, you are a green shopper!
  • Blog post exchange and opportunity to meet bloggers you haven't
Visit the blog, think about something you would swap and check out what other bloggers are willing to give up! Link up!

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  1. ahhhh!!! you're the best!!! love swaps! looove!


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