Pinky and the Brain

Maybe i should have called this post Pink & Gray Part II, but that's less nostalgic. The sun has been shining two days in a row *gasp* so I donned shorts in anticipation of spring. An adorable little blue car was parked next to mine this morning, so I used it as a backdrop. It would be fun to have cute little cars in a rainbow of colors to match with your outfits haha.
Several restaurants in town that used to serve my favorite thai iced tea have removed it from their menu, which has forced me to branch out a bit when it comes to exotic drinks. The boy and I met up for a quick lunch today at Sitar (yay lunch special buffet!) and I got my fill of mango lassi, mmm.
"things cannot be otherwise than as they are; for all being created for an end, 
all is necessarily for the best end."  -Voltaire

Before I could get detail photos this morning, some strange guy parked near my apartment, got out of his car to watch me, then asked if I needed him to take pictures of myself. I said no thanks and left. I want my own studio to take outfit pictures in, free of creepers! Anywho, the last photo doesn't do the shoes justice; they have some bronze showing through the cut-outs, and the color is a little wonky here. But aren't they fun? I found them at a local shop Sway, where I also spotted a few dresses I can't get out of my head. Hrmm, which will come first, payday or my tax refund direct deposit??

bag \\\ thrifted
shorts \\\ h&m
tights \\\ forever 21
shoes \\\ dollhouse
belt \\\ pretty mama
cardigan \\\ forever 21
grey top \\\ crossroads trading


  1. Amazing shirt and bag! Lovely look! <3

  2. I love Asian coffee in general, but I have to say Vietnamese iced coffee is my absolute favorite! You know, if you have any ethnic stores in your area (Indian, Chinese, Korean, etc.), they'll probably have packages of instant coffee that taste just like the real thing...well, they're good enough to satisfy me, at any rate!

    You look adorable! Love the tights!

  3. this shade of pink has fastly become my new favorite color for spring. pairing it with gray is even better!

  4. Okay that is so weird. I would be creeped out. The blue car is really nice in the pictures, and a great backdrop. I really like the neckline on your top.
    My Heart Blogged

  5. Hahaha! This is why I am such a humbug and take all my photos inside O.o I've never tried Thai ice tea but I keep hearing about it...I'll need to find somewhere that sells it! I absolutely love everything about your outfit, esp. that purse :)

    xoxo Maria

  6. those shoes are suuuupppper cute.
    so many creepers out there, glad you went to your studio.

  7. PRECIOUS! I loooove this outfit! You styled it perfectly :)


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