There's nothing like jewelry to spruce up a simple outfit. And then, there's nothing like a bowtie made from a bright blue birdie-print scarf to do the same. Add my favorite picnic basket purse, and I am ready to enjoy the very short-lived but appreciated break in the rains.

I can't keep my hands off my hair lately, and not out of the usual self-consciousness. I just made the leap and bought a Paul Mitchell flatiron, and I'm amazed by the ease and speed of styling, the softness, and the appearance of better health that my hair has. I'm generally all about budget, but this thing was really worth the extra dough!

scarf \\\ h&m
knit top \\\ h&m
jeans \\\ wet seal
basket bag \\\ estate sale
rachel comey shoes \\\ via crossroads


  1. I just LOVE this outfit Meghan! The bird print on your scarf is adorable. The bag is too cute and those shoes are just perfect. The styling is so great! I've been thinking about getting a flatiron too, so thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I really like the purse, and the way you tied the scarf.
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