Winter Romper

In spite of the seasonably brisk weather, I'm starting to want to wear more florals and shorts. Luckily I am getting to go to Palm Springs in a few weeks, so that should satisfy my hot weather wardrobe choosiness. Two pairs of tights, socks, a thermal and two cardigans sure helped me stay warm today, though. It'll be so nice to be able to wear one or two items, instead of all the layers! Maybe I'm not doing it right, but I either feel warm and constricted, or cold with less on. Boo the compromises of winter. Sorry I'm complaining, we don't even have snow. I'm grateful to live somewhere so moderate, I just don't have any alternate experience to really keep me from whining a bit.

I keep forgetting how inconvenient rompers are in winter! You pretty much have to strip to use the bathroom, and since chai and soda gets me through the day, well, it's obnoxious. Oh well, I love this jumper, especially with my cozy multi-color sweater and lace-up boots. The hat I rarely wear, it makes me feel a little too on trend. The boy also called it a Blossom hat, so maybe I'll swap it on Chictopia or sell it at Crossroads. I've improved dramatically in terms of impulse buying things I never wear, but I guess this hat will be a little relapse.

Speaking of funds and overspending, I'm thinking of starting a separate blog page about my financial woes, and how this year I hope to mend many of them. I'm aiming to get my own place by winter, have money saved, and curb my unnecessary shopping habits. Would anyone be interested to learn more about how a gal with credit card and loan debt tries to make it as a fashion blogger on a retail job paycheck?

romper \\\ kohl's sale
cardigan \\\ bdg sale
vintage boots \\\ via crossroads
hat \\\ forever 21
tights \\\ hue


  1. You'd better soak up some of that warm sun for me!!!

    And HECK. YES. 30 Rock is my anti-drug, and your comment made me smile!

    ps: I think you look lovely! Look at those gams!

    My word.. I only used exclamation points in that entire comment. I mean, comment!!

  2. Perfectly winter appropriate in my neck of the woods. Dark floral minis/shorts/rompers are meant to be paired with tights. True story.

  3. Great romper. I can barely take on pair of tights. I'm weird about being constricted. I don't know how you do it. That hat reminds me of blossom, and I love it.
    My Heart Blogged

  4. as someone about to embark into the fun world of personal finances, I would certainly enjoy a blog about something of that nature.
    Any help I can get would be nice at this point!

    I love your outfit! Something about wearing florals helps warm up even the dullest winter day.

  5. Oh, I so miss sunny days or at least days without rain. I'm happy that we [in Ireland] don't have snow as well, but we have plenty of rain and that's sometimes is so upsetting.
    You look so pretty in this colourful cardi combo with winter floral. So adorable. And let me tell You girl how much I like your hats, so fabulous!

    xoxo Ra

  6. so cute ; )


  7. going to palm springs?! um.......JEALOUS! enjoy the warmer weather for all of us! :)

  8. You made it so cute for winter, but yes they are a pain to take on and off all day!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    OWOH giveaway

  9. this reminds of the 90s, I love it! THe floral romper is so pretty!

  10. This is a great look, though I totally get you about the winter+romper = annoying combo. I think that a blog devoted to financial issues would be great, go for it!

    xoxo Maria


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