Heppy Valentimes

Happy Moisture-laden Monday morning, actually. After weeks of sublime and unseasonable weather, I woke up to the familiar drip-drip-drip of drops this morning. Perfect opportunity to wear wide-leg jeans, since they're roomy enough for leggings underneath. Paired with my favorite striped shirt, pink and purple accessories and some bobby pins, and I felt like a whole other girl today. Yes, a girl who wears pink on February fourteenth.


Today doesn't mean much for me, not being a huge fan of forced commercial expectations (I also feel grumpy at New Year's Eve and 4th of July, though I enjoy Christmas). I've also spent most of my adult life single, or dating boys who spent all their money on beer and cigarettes, so the whole dramatic six-foot-bear with roses and chocolates and balloons idea that's force fed to us seems even more unnatural. Not to say that I don't wish you all a million scented purple roses and a bubble bath with a loved one, but I think you should be appreciative, kind, thankful and thoughtful enough throughout the year that one predetermined day doesn't carry much weight in the scheme of love and life.

top \\\ target
belt \\\ thrifted
jeans \\\ via crossroads
wedges \\\ new york & co.


  1. You are just so pretty!!

    And you and I have similar views on Valentine's Day. Why wait til one day out of the year?


  2. I think my boyfriend, and I just use it as an excuse to eat horrendously. We both do things all year to show each other we care.
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  3. adorable picture! we don't do anything crazy for valentine's day, just dinner.

  4. My boyfriend and I do things to show how much we love each other every day, but we love Valentine's Day because it's an excuse to really go out and celebrate our relationship. We don't do the stereotypical box of chocolates, flowers, etc. We just make the whole day about spending time together.

    I just wish more people could see it like that instead of thinking of it negatively as a commercialized holiday. Why hate a day that's meant as a reminder to show those you love how much you care for them? I think it's a nice day.


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