Fall Favorites 2011 - MILLY

I am loving the lush velvet and deep jewel tones of Milly's Fall Collection.      photos: style.com

If I wasn't totally obsessed with 70's floppy hats before, I am now. In the coming week, I'm planning on trying to recreate my six favorite Milly looks with my own wardrobe, a little like Le Quaintrelle's Runway to Hallway magnificence. I just hope I can be half as good as she is!

Outfit 1: maxi dress, sweater, scarf, boots
Outfit 2: rose-print dress, vest, scarf bowtie
Outfit 3: long skirt, belt, tall boots, scarf, fitted blouse, hat
Outfit 4: hooded/military coat, floral dress, bright scarf
Outfit 5: long dress, long cardigan, short jacket, hat
Outfit 6: velvet anything, short pants, vest, blazer

**Since I won't be buying much clothing this year forward as I try to save money (see my money matters page if you wanna), I've decided to make a few gradual purchases of shoes over the year. My shoe choices are entirely lacking, and nothing adds that extra something to a plain outfit than a great pair of shoes. In terms of clothing, I'll have to embark on a year-long quest of curbing my crazy when it comes to acquiring more stuff. 


  1. Great selection!!!

  2. I would wear every single piece in the post above. Absolutely lovely!! very rich.

  3. I really like the eggplant colored blazer. It is gorgeous.
    My Heart Blogged

  4. Ah I haven't seen this! Loooving it all! And thanks for all your sweet comments always on my blog! I appreciate it girl! xo -Kelli

  5. And just when I thought I couldnt be anymore obsessed with velvet..I see this post and fall weak in the knees in love all over. Oh, I want every single thing!! I am with you on buying more shoes this year. I always buy way too many clothes and never any shoes! Yikes. Hope you have a great Friday tomorrow Meg!! xo

  6. I only just found your blog and whilst I love the clothes posts, equally I'm totally there with your money matters stuff as well. I've been a student for the past 7 years and money is getting really tight, it's nice to read that other people have hope and plans for saving as well! Sometimes it feels like everyone I know has zillions in the bank and can afford this extravagant lifestyle, inviting me to things where I constantly have to say no, or go along feeling like a complete scruff in my cast-off charity shop/hand made stuff while they're all decked out in fashionable clothes! Definitely keep at it, it'll be totally worth it in the end! (is what I keep telling myself...)


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