Wind & Sky

Blue skies again, but the balm has left the bay. You can see by my hair that sharp winds have been blowing all day, digging icy fingers through my sweater (damn sleeveless shirt underneath). When I woke up this morning, the trees were being tossed about so wildly that the light was changing from light to dark in an eerie way. It was a difficult morning to drag myself out of my warm nest. Lucky me, only one more day of work and then it's my weekend! I've got lots of sweet craft projects planned. 

I finally finagled a password to a local wireless provider, so I am super-trooper-de-duper happy that I can work on my blog and browse the web during slow times! I work four ten-hour days a week, and it really makes it hard to fit in outfit photos, editing and posting on those days. I basically wake up, work, blog, go to bed, repeat. But now I can get so much done, and have the evenings free to relax and regroup a little more!

bdg sweater \\\ uo sale
shirt \\\ crossroads
black jeans \\\ wet seal
vintage snakeskin heels \\\ crossroads


  1. Great cardigan, and shoes. I wish the US would have a 4 day 40 hour work week. It would be so much nicer.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. The cardi is super cute! You always pair your outfits together so wonderfully.

    What are your feet tattoos of?

  3. for the curious, the tattoos on my feet are in Latin, and can mean "joy and misery," "pleasure and pain, "happiness and sadness,"
    - you get the gist ;)


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