Red Rover

Lazy day for dressing up; uninspired on another workday.

How excited was I to find this awesome variegated cardigan on sale? Very. It just leaped out at me from the rack, and only later I remembered it was because of this photo. I love when wishlist items marinate and then come to fruition!

t-shirt \\\ concert
sweater \\\ bdg via pretty mama
jeans \\\ wet seal
gold shoes \\\ secondhand via crossroads
rings \\\ forever 21 + crossroads


  1. omg, i can't believe Pretty Mama is still open. i worked there in high school.
    great find on the sweater!

  2. I love when I'm lusting after an item, and I find it at the thrift store. It feels like all the stars have aligned.
    My Heart Blogged


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