Prints & Penguins

I got this sweater a few months ago when I visited my friend in Long Beach, but this is only the third time I've worn it. I love love love the pattern and slouchy fit, but I cannot put a finger on why I bought a short-sleeved sweater in winter. The vintage belt I just found yesterday in the half-off section at Crossroads. I make a quick loop through there on my lunch break several times a week, looking for awesome shoe finds or a scarf. 

While usually I'm very put off by people who come into your work and try to sell you some random junk, today it couldn't have worked out better. My co-workers scattered at the approach of some such door-to-door-er, but she was actually selling what I needed to buy! I've been too lazy to replace the makeup I'm running out of (mascara, liquid liner, blush) and voila - she pulls out some cute little palettes with all these essentials, plus an awesome brush kit. It was an insanely good deal, but what made me feel even better was how grateful the seller was! I can only imagine the cruelty and rudeness she endured today, because she kept saying how nice I was, and she almost cried when I gave her a tip.

I think I need another camera battery. Mine is so old. It died this morning after taking one photo (as seen below), so I had to resort to camera phone detail shots and we heart it for some penguin photos to cheer everyone up and coordinate with my outfit. Really, how can you look at a penguin and not get a little happier?? Especially the foodie ones ;)  

Speaking of food, in t-minus forty minutes I'm off to enjoy a delicious Luau Pork Plate from Hula's, our local "Hawaiian" restaurant. I love everything I've ever had off their menu, especially the ahi burger, sweet potato fries, and the delicate passionflower desert pie. Don't get me started on their cocktails... but since I have to choose between eating or drinking, I think I'll skip the Zombie Mai-Tai for now. 

sweater \\\ forever 21
skirt I made from a dress \\\ hand-me-down
vintage belt \\\ crossroads
vintage boots \\\ crossroads


  1. Did you change your header? It looks so nice! I like the font you choose and how you redid your links (diy, wearing, etc)

    Lovely post!

  2. aaw, penguins they are so cute! As is your lovely outfit. I am loving the pattern on that sweater and it looks fab, cinched with that lovely belt too! xx veronika

  3. Just stumbled across your blog, and I'm so glad I found it! LOVE the outfit- pretty jealous you have a Crossroads so conveniently close to you. Went to one in SF- best. consignment. ever.

  4. Lovely photos!



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