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What started as a mild day turned ugly and wet. I obviously wore a few jackets and a scarf over this, but I wanted you go get the basic idea. There's nothing like new shoes & a rainstorm to make you feel new and shiny again. Except when you step in a really deep puddle while running to a bar to see a show that isn't actually happening that night... Luckily my new shoes survived the deluge and humiliation with aplomb.

hat - christmas gift from a co-worker last year, via uo
top - rue 21 sale 
jeans - wet seal
shoes - rachel comey, second-hand via crossroads

I'm in love with these darling little shoesies. I wanted to ease into them with a low-key outfit, even though my real impulses are telling me to wear knee socks, a frilly dress, a fluffy oversize cardigan and a big floppy hat with them. I'll try to save that (d)illusion until springtime. I think part of the frenetic fashioning going on in my brain has to do with the fact that the shoe has a silly quote on the insole: While looking out for number one, be careful not to step in number two! Wise word, Rachel. Wise words.


  1. Those shoes were a wonderful second hand find. :) I love the texture and heel on them!

  2. I agree ali, they were actually not uncomfortable to run around in all day!

  3. The quote inside the shoes is genius!

  4. ooohhh so jealous of your rachel comey shoes! I love this outfit, you have such cute style. your blog is like my new favorite thing!

    xoxo following :)

  5. I ADORE your shoes and your shirt!


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