Links a la Mode

links a la mode

The End of Summer? No! The Beginning of Awesome!
Edited by: Thom of The Sunday Best
For the past week I've been listening to Cee-Lo Green's fantastic send-off, F@#* You,  and little else. At the same time I've been reading a lot of the  hand-wringing in the press about bloggers and whatever are we going to  do about them, along with our responses both here and on our blogs. And  the two have combined in my head to form a single determination -  bloggers need more swagger. I don't mean anger, of the  you-don't-respect-us variety, or apologetics, of the  we-are-as-legitimate-as-other-media variety. I mean swagger, the kind of  swagger that comes from doing something well and knowing you're good at  it. So whatever other themes might knit together this week's links,  they all share that important characteristic - swagger. Step up to the  plate, knock it out of the park.

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Links à la Mode: September 2nd

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