Fashion Therapy - Dare to Denim

I'm not a big fan of lightwash denim or the denim tuxedo look, but I was still excited to find this shirt in my mom's closet. I decided to pair it with black denim and some bold gold accessories to spice up the simple outfit. This summer has been less than ideal, seeing as the shirt is a brighter blue than the sky. We're starting to get heat waves now, as Indian Summer advances upon Santa Cruz.

shirt - mom's closet, ($0); lace tank - thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co,. ($4); 
belt - Blue Bee sale, ($26); black jeans - Wet Seal, ($25); shoes - Classified, ($20)

While my computer was in the shop these past several weeks, I spent a lot of my suddenly-free time painting my nails. While I catch up on some outfit posts, you'll also have to bear with my nail fetishism snapshots, too :) This day I was particularly obsessed with ombre. Excuse the dry cuticles, I've been slowly switching over to all-natural products, and I haven't tackled polish yet.

I get giddy over makeup and paint names. Strangely so.
L to R: Love Letters, Gold Lame, Golden Topaz, Blaze.

How are you spending your Labor Day weekend?


  1. I always thought it would be a wonderful to be the person that names paint and nail polish. They make them sound even more mystical than they actually are.


  2. Julia, I totally want to have that job, too! Your word for it is totally dead on: MYSTICaL!

  3. Let us know if you find organic nail polish! I'm trying to switch to natural/organic etc beauty products but all my nail polish is still the toxic type - not that I find time to use it much anyway....

  4. I have horrible cuticles too (as well as horribly dry skin in the winter). Lately I've been using Burts Bee's Lemon Butter cuticle cream and I swear by it. It has done wonders for my cuticles. I haven't used it in a couple of days and my nails are screaming at me. It may be worth giving it a try.

    Btw, I'm glad you are back blogging again. You were missed!

  5. thanks jen l., I've missed the internet too! I've been using apricot oil on my cuticles after I wash my hands, which seems to be helping ;)


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