24 Hours in San Francisco

Here are some photos from a little overnight trip I took to San Francisco for my friend's art show. I had a really great time, met some new cool people, ate a delicious BLT at two in the morning, and spent the next day roaming around the Sunset, leisurely breakfast, going to the Ocean Beach, and hitting up Asian markets for more snacks.

I ran into Lisa of Starship Narcissus at the gallery, which was also hosting a fashion show she was in.
It was so fun to meet another blogger! She snapped a few full length outfit photos, maybe I'll get those soon to show you. I wore a really old second-hand Forever 21 sweaterdress, and everyone was asking if my artist friend screen printed it! Perfect. Good thing I dressed with her in mind ;) The next day was incredibly warm and I had to raid Dorey's closet for a beachy get-up. Love plaid!

Tired but content, taking in the gorgeous view from Dorey's roof.

What's your favorite thing about mini-vacations? Mine is being able to pretend I have a different life!


  1. Aw you look so cute! I love that bird sweater

  2. These pictures definitely have that artsy vibe. How wonderful. I adore mini vacays - my fav part is the feeling of leaving the world behind, a true escapade.


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