New Leaf

I guess I got those cocoa trousers for fall a liiiiitle precipitously. It's been too hot to wear almost anything, including bangs. Having grown up in California's central coast, my ideas about "weather" and "seasons" are dreamy and based mainly on movies and old books. "Fall" is something I can't imagine being noticeable anywhere west of the Allegheny. Snow is something I've traveled to and marveled at a handful of times. Fog, clouds and sunshine alternate pretty much year round here. This past week of extreme heat has made me appreciate just how mild the weather here really is, normally. I almost can't wait for fall and sweaters and pants and hats and scarves!

sweater - second-hand Old Navy, from Crossroads; top - self made; necklace - Cost Plus; belt - thrifted; skirt - New Deal, sale

I really only wore the sweater before work and after ten p.m. Some friends and I walked to the Boardwalk to play trivia in the arcade, but we forgot summer is over and they closed after we played a few games. Now I have a handful of tokens that I know I will never remember to bring with me again. Darn.

What's your favorite arcade game?


  1. I love the way you put this outfit together, so nice to meet you:)

  2. Just found your blog on Weardrobe and adore this outfit!!!

  3. Mmmm, I really love this whole outfit!! The red is so cute with the patterns!

  4. i love the way u styled that cardigan. very beautiful outfit.
    as to my favorite arcade game? i think its called luxotica. or exotica. its actually a car racing game. i used to play it on cruiships when i was younger and used to vacation with my parents.


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