Scarf It Down

 What I ended up wearing last night to shimmy along with the phenomenal Black Keys at the 
Fox Theater in Oakland. I opted for simple comfort...until I actually got there and almost froze.
One loosely knit sweater is no match for cold winds.

 I soon forgot the cold because I warmed up with some uniquely flavored hot & sour soup, pot-stickers and curry at my new favorite restaurant, Fang. Then a quick run-through of H&M scored me a few new dainties, including the scarf. I've recently become focused on huge scarves, and I loved the mix of leopard print and pastoral flowers. It looks kind of German, maybe that's from mom's side of the family. Hmm, maybe a dirndl for Halloween? Or I could be my grandma...

It's been a lucky shopping weekend: This morning I found perfect shoes for the wedding after a one minute trip to the mall. But best of all, I scored a more affordable version of some hidden wedge booties I've had bookmarked for a while. With better contrasting trim, too! 

So Happy October 1st!  

Time to gear up for heaps of candy and The Monster Mash blaring from every speaker! 
What are some of your tentative plans for the 31st? I'm not sure if I'm going to dress up
yet, but I'm considering Lady Gaga, or much simpler, a zombie bridesmaid.

What are your costume ideas so far?

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  1. Your casual chic's so cute (that's what I do too, trow on a scarf hihi) Not costume ideas so far, BUT I did buy a pumpkin and giving my first shot at a pie tomorrow!!



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