Links a la Mode

links a la mode

You, Only Better
Edited by: Ann Colville Somma of Holier than Now
It's a strange culture we live in: we're always told Just be  yourself!, yet the bestseller list is chock-full of self-help books and memoirs depicting radical change. Finding the balance between total  transformation and chilling in our pajamas is difficult, but that's why  I love the blogosphere. Here, inspiration is served up one manageable  bite at a time. Want to save the world? Start with vintage beachwear - the  purchase benefits disaster victims. Hoping your man evolves into a  sharp-dressed diaper-changer?  Let's begin with a chic- and sustainable- Dad's day gift. Looking for  your dream job?  Take baby steps by revamping your  work wardrobe and taking notes from inspiring entrepreneurs.

Links à la Mode: June 17th

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