Fashion Therapy - California Poppies

I stopped for photos pretty much on the side of the road when I saw all these flowers blooming. Lavender and poppies attracted a gang of bumblebees, all humming and buzzing around each other. I love how they look like they're bobbing for pollen.

I was in the field behind this a few weeks ago and the grass is already all scorched and dry, as are some of the flowers. I forget how short spring is. I need to get on my summer resolution of swimming in the ocean, no matter how bone-chilling it is! We're supposed to have the hottest Indian Summer of for-ev-ver so maybe I'll wait until then...

top - wet seal | skirt - self made | shoes - via crossroads

Today's Yays ♥ catching up on my blogroll - I get a little upset when there's not enough hours in the day to do this! 
♥ sleeping in with my pup ♥ Zachary's tofu scramble w/potatoes ♥ my hair turning out nicely after I washed it

What made you go Yay! today?


  1. I always love your skirts... they always make me feel like I should get off my ass and sew something!

    Today's Yay: Olive pasta! first time trying it and mmmmm!

  2. Yes, I agree with Melrose this skirt you made is really looking fantastic on you!

    Yay for Today - ate my first plums of the year, figured out a way to fix my broken tripod so I can use it again!

  3. wow so great! the top is perfect for the skirt you made.

  4. awesome flowers!! it's been raining here so the spring flowers have been totally washed out! it's nice to see these photos!!

    and your outfit is perfect with the field background!! so garden chic!! that top is amazing!! floral = gorgeous! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. I love your outfit that floral top is so pretty as are the flower photos!

  6. oh and what made me go yay today. chocolate chip cookies, cute toddler playdate and picnic, falafels, (btw we had a tofu scramble yesterday..soo good)

  7. I´ve been following your blog since the MMM´s and your lovely photos made me go Yay! today.

  8. I love the outfit so much!! Yah for me today? Let's's Friday and casual day...meaning flip flops and jeans, last night I learned how to ride a dirt bike, I'm having a good hair day, I get to mail off a super sweet package to a super sweet lady and tomorrow I get to sleep in. Yah! Have a nice weekend. =)

  9. Your outfit is so cute! All of these pictures are great. ♥♥

  10. gorgeous pictures! poppies always were my favorite flowers, I love how vibrant, strong and yet delicate they are. I recognize myself in them, haha

    love your pictures, the print is perfect with the flowers :) and thanks so much for checking my blog! I love your style on chictopia so it's awesome if someone you love checks you back!


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