Fashion Therapy - Golden Feather

I love my new feather earrings. I wanted to compliment the gold of my recent scarf purchase, which that very day I learned from Zoe the worst scarf fabric for your head is silk. I had to readjust constantly. I also have a dorky love of color coordination, so I added golden toned leather belt and zippered sandals to match. This skirt is so comfortable, I hope I find more fabric like it! I felt like some sort of 50's housewife gone rogue in Palm Springs. 

I've been contacted about an open house event next month where I can have a booth for my clothing! I still need to pay for my space, but I am super excited about this, and I need to go into sewing overtime!

 top to toe:
scarf - thrifted | earrings - wet seal | top - via crossroads | belt -thrifted | skirt - self made | sandals - journeys

listening to:
Silversun Pickups - Swoon


  1. Darling! I love the blue skirt. So pretty on you.

  2. I agree that silk scarves are the worst to wear on your head. You do have to fidget with them all day but I'm sure it won't stop me from wearing them!

  3. SO excited you are going to have booth! More details please!

  4. Your eyes are so pretty!!! and they match your skirt, which i lurve!! :)

  5. Eeeeee.... see what I mean about the silk?

    I'm sorry that you had to find out the hard way.

    But I will say that it does appear that you have much badasser scarf tying skills than I.

  6. *Steals the blueness of your eyes*

    Excited about your booth!!! Your sewing skills are to-die-for and I'm so happy that people will get to have a piece of that. :]


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