Fashion Therapy - Shake Your Hips Like Battleships

I found this dress for $3, so I figured I guess I'd give the military thing a shot (whoops, pun not intended). I have to say I'm very conflicted about the military in general. I've had several people who are shipping out to Afghanistan soon come through my work in the past few days. They are so young, and I just got really teary-eyed and stressed after they left.

Besides that, I had a really good yesterday in this 'fit! I got to sleep in a bit, work with my bestie, and felt a bit better. After work we power-walked down Pacific Avenue to the Palomar so she could catch the end of the Lakers game (she goes to school in socal, what can I say?) and I got happy hour tacos and drinks. It was a fun night, especially since it was my Friday this week. Now I'm off to the beach!

dress - rue21  |  jeggings - ?  |  shoes - ross  |  belt - thrifted

listening to:
The Knife - Deep Cuts


  1. that is a great find! so cute! :)

  2. I love the simplicity of this!

    And I am a huge, huge supporter of our troops in combat overseas - several of my friends are in the military and yes, it's frightening to think they may not come back alive. But as cliche as it sounds, we maintain our status as a world power through our troops and we could not be the country we are if not for them, and regardless of your views on war and our presence in foreign lands, you have to hand it to the kids who willingly went there for us.

  3. 3 bucks? what a stunning deal! Eeep....I wish I had more time to comment but I literally have 20 seconds, so I just wanted to say you look lovely and I love reading your blog while I am away on this sailing adventure. Hope you're good pretty. x

  4. 3 bucks?!? What a total steal. Love it and I can see it being worn in really creative ways. It's a really versatile piece.


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