Fashion Therapy - Ruffles 'N Boots

I wanted to wear something easy-breezy to run errands today. Plus I couldn't resist pairing my grey boots with this dress; even though there's no grey on it, I just think "grey" when I see it. People always ask if I made it, which I didn't. It was really windy today out in the field, which made jumping and rolling around being disheveled more fun.

My dog just follows me back and forth while I set the self-timer. I wonder how or what she thinks about.

cardigan - h&m  |  dress - new deal  |  boots - journey's 

I found a ton of materials to start craft overload: big googly eyes for "you lookin' at me?" earrings, day of the dead fabric for totes, striped jersey for tops and dresses. Pretty much all my money is now going toward getting my store stocked and ready for July 2nd! But now, it's time to change & get ready for the Radio Moscow show in San Francisco tonight! I'm extremely, super, very excited! 

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Ladyhawke/My Delerium


  1. very cute dress and i love the boots!

  2. I love these photos - they may be some of my favorite that you've taken! Especially that adorable one with just your feet jumping off the ground. That dress is adorable and I love the gray with it.

  3. Love this cardigan! Did you get it at H&M recently?

    Karen Beth

  4. those boots are wicked!!!! i love love love it with the dress! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. lovely dress and so nice with the boots!

  6. love the whole look :)
    cute blog!

  7. I love the colour of this dress and the ruffles!! so cute!! and i love that yur dog follows you about like a blogger mascot :) x

  8. so cute, I reeeaaaaly want some short boots but i dont want to pay like $200 on them!!!DX

  9. Yes! I love ruffles and boots!

  10. I love that last shot. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

  11. Easy-breezy is the perfect description for this!!! The first image is so lovely. I love how the cardigan seems so free in the wind.
    I also loved that you wore boots with this outfit!


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