Fashion Therapy - I Spy

Sometimes I feel great not getting dressed or leaving the house all day, and sometimes I feel lousy. Sometimes I feel like "getting ready" for no reason, or just to go to the grocery store. This day I slept until two, cleaned, went to Whole Foods, made mahi mahi & veggies for dinner, and alternated between reading the latest Vanity Fair and cutting out patterns. Oh, and blogging. What a life.

I was trying to keep it simple, and since I'm always sweating in the car and freezing in the grocery store, I thought I'd wear my new white hat for the jaunt. Simple dress and accessories were all I needed. The hat made me feel super dressy, and the cashier complimented my nail polish and we spent a few moments trading ice cream flavors that it resembles - Pistachio! Mint chip! Green Tea!

hat - d&y, via crossroads | dress - self made | necklace - moms | shoes - classified | nail polish - revlon "minted"

However, I can't help but think of Spy vs. Spy when I wear my new hat.
 I'm gonna have to pair is with a white dress and talk my bestie into wearing a black version.


  1. I see you're taking my red colour therapy thoughts on board!! Sounds like you had a blissful day!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day. Love your simple, yet completely adorable outfit.

  3. What a super cute outfit! I love that hat to pieces. Also, I adore the tattoo on your right arm, gorgeous!

    Love and Turtledoves,

  4. Sweetie, you're so cute, I love reading your blogs everyday. Keep it up.
    The dress is simple yet very stylish.

    Debz Hugkisshugkiss xo


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