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links a la mode

When Fashion Gets Ethical

Edited by Retrochick The ethics of Fashion can be a blurry area. With so much to think about when we buy, from construction to provenance, how can we pick our  way through such a minefield of issues and emerge with our ethics  intact?
We all have a duty as consumers to be as informed as possible about  the purchases we make, and this weeks Links à la Mode can help. Amongst  this weeks picks Fashion in My Eyes talks about locally made  fashion, Style Eyes discusses Organic Cotton, Hello Beauty buys some recycled sneakers, Oranges and Apples sorts the wheat from the chaff  in second hand clothing and Shrimp Salad Circus brings you natural make up.
Once your done being educated we also have a good smattering of  fashion frivolity to be getting on with too, and there’s even more on  the original forum thread!

Links à la Mode : April 29
  • Avant Garb – Dedicated Follower Fashion grills Sandra Mendoza-Daly of Debutante Clothing    
  • Betsey J – Why do we feel it’s necessary to financially compete with our fellow bloggers? Is it really worth it?    
  • Dramatis Personae – Interview with Indie Designer  Ureshii– fabulous made-to-fit clothes for the modern gal!    
  • fashion in my eyes – Made in… Buying for the label    
  • Glossary – Fashion 101: Back to Basics    
  • hello beauty! – my new eco-sneakers, which are basically a jumble of hemp, recycled plastic bottles and car tires…    
  • House in Tillford – Fur isn’t fashion! My rantings about fur    
  • Idiosyncratic Style – Swoon-worthy Spring runway  trends    
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – How to Contribute Articles to a Blog or Magazine    
  • La Moda Dubai – Photoshop isn’t the only to manipulate a photo    
  • Le Quaintrelle – Outfits inspired by Michael Kors Resort 2010 collection with pieces out of my own closet.    
  • Mystery Creature – Look great for a sleek and sophisticated summer wedding with these 1930’s inspired wedding dresses    
  • Oranges and Apples – Taste and secondhand clothing: sorting the wheat from the chaff    
  • Out Of Order – Interview with Marisa of New Dress a Day    
  • Retro Chick – The Lost Art of Dressing Up    
  • Return to Sender – Little black dresses for the  FATshionista.    
  • Ship-shape and Bristol Fashion – These days  knock-off trends are common place but is cheap fashion still a taboo?    
  • Shoe A Day – How does fashion fit into Earth Day?    
  • Shrimp Salad Circus – Get high-fashion makeup looks for less with all-natural, afforadable handmade mineral versions!    
  • Style Eyes Fashion Blog – Organic clothing – should  I bother?    
  • Style Symmetry – 5 Days of Symmetry Challenge ~ Wear a 100% Vintage Outfit    
  • The Coveted – Why Say Never? Chambray Jumpsuit  & Clogs

*so honored to be chosen for this weeks IFB link list :]

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