Fashion Therapy - Rain Shorts

I've been waiting for a nice day to debut these shorts I thrifted from the men's section, but with the weather acting up I decided to just go for it anyway. I love the mustard color; I wonder if they were once part of some boy scout leader's uniform?

Pockets! I love putting my hands in pockets. I get antsy with my hands dangling around without a place to put them. Luckily between the shorts and the vest I have twice the pocketing options.

blazer - macy's | vest - diy trench | top - forever 21 | shorts - thrifted | belt - thrifted | boots - steve madden


  1. These shorts... I'm... speechless... and the umbrella and the strange stripes... it's just amazing. And really familiar somehow- do you remind me of someone today??? I don't know!!! I keep looking and thinking that you totally remind me of some one.

    Dang, I hate that feeling.

    If it comes to me, I'll pass it along :)

    But in the meantime: Fabulous!

  2. omgosh! I love this !!! way to turn a crappy rainy day into something fun :) you look absolutely adorble!!! I had a pair of red shorts just like these that I got rid of recently ...:( now I totally regret it! But great post !! such a cute outfit.

  3. That vest was DIY?! Magical. I love how masculine the lines are. What a fun umbrella. :]

  4. oh my gosh - these shorts are far too perfect. They look so good on you! Way to go, mens section! You are so lovely, lady. Hope you're having a great week! And great job on the vest, miss creative! :)

  5. Wooow such a cool outfit:)
    I love it so much, love the blazer and how you styled it with the shorts:) Plus I love the umbrella, I can't seem to find one like that here, and I've been searching for a long time:((

    Love it
    have a great weekend:)

  6. Oh my goodness...those shorts are too cool. Great color and I love the length/shape!


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