Fashion Therapy - Wrapped Up In Plaid

On the way to work, I took the long way and stopped for photos by the cliffs overlooking New Brighton beach. Well, I wanted to go to the cliff first, but there was a large family enjoying the view so I kind of hid up in the woods, haha.

Theeeen the family left and I took over. It was so beautiful, and actually warm and not too windy. I want to be a bird! This is kind of a plain outfit for me, I'm still in a slump! I need to step it up. I've felt so blah lately. Maybe it's because eHarmony flat out rejected me. I didn't even know that could happen! I was shocked at first but now I think it's kind of funny.

top - new york & co.  |  jeans - wet seal  |  shoes - target

5 Yays ♥ laughing as my dog freaks out after her bath and streaks madly around the house ♥ finding my lost new earring ♥ finally getting my oil changed; my poor car needs so much tlc ♥ lying on the beach, soaking up some warm spring sun and listening to a cover band's tunes wafting over from the wharf ♥ realizing that accepting myself authentically, while striving on a daily basis to be kinder and more open and less judgmental, can be the only true beauty in life


  1. Hold on now...eHarmony just straight REJECTED you?! I must know more. Seriously. You've gotta elaborate because that's bizarre. Didn't know they could do that. And if they can, what turned them so against YOU of all people? Craaaazy.

  2. I absolutely adore your hair like this!! So very cute!

  3. Oh my ! you're one of the sunniest, cutest, positivest (hum ? sorry I'm French) person I came across on the web so don't feel sad and stay as you are. I'm practising "yays" and it has been a great help.

  4. Forget eHarmony! You're lookin' bomb girl ;) I love how you waited out the family, that sounds so much like something I would do hahaha.

    xoxo Maria

  5. My goodness. This is wonderful. Talk about fashion therapy- you don't sound slumpy by the end! You certainly cheered me up :)

    You look good, you feel good. I think you're on a fucking roll. And sooner or later the sunshine will get to you, anyway :)

  6. don't feel bad my dear, apparently eharmony rejects people quite often - for example it depends on your religion and belief system.(some friends of mine looked into it - cause how do you get rejected from a dating website?!) Weird in this day and age right?! I guess there is a little bit of bigotry in the world of internet dating :( I've heard is pretty good.


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