Fashion Therapy - Present Company Accepted

I've started becoming more awkward while taking pictures, so please excuse me for the time being. I discard most of them because I'm grinning straight up at the sky for some reason. Hello, sky! It's too bad you turned gray today, I feel you though! I kind of wish all my clothes were shades of gray and nude right now. I love these colors together.

I'm kind of obsessed with Jak&Jil's collection of Kate Lanphear photos. Between her, High Street Cardigans, and my fleeting reunion with the flatiron, I'm having a hard time not cutting my hair into an asymmetrical cut again. No no no, growing it out, growing it out!

top - self made | sweater - forever 21 | scarf - wet seal | jeans - wet seal | shoes - steve madden

Today's Yays ♥ doughnut holes ♥ catching some of Miss Congeniality on tv; this was so my favorite movie once upon a time! ♥ getting new responsibilities at work (I think I'm the only person out there who enjoys filling out forms) ♥ cake baking ♥ I've been listening to the new LCD Soundsystem album all day—gotta love being able to plug in the iPod at work. I'm not sure why but I was really stoked on Dance Yrself Clean. I want to do that right now! Take a listen here


  1. CUTE top. I'm seeing so many lovely DIYs. And I agree about nude and grey. They're like nutella and pancakes. Perfection.

  2. What a great pop of BLUE! And your hair is lookin' lovely.

  3. i want to sew soo bad! that top is too cool. :)

  4. so cute! i love your scarf so much! it gives that spalsh of colour to the outfit, and makes it vibrant, i love it

  5. that's a pretty top... lovely scarf with it!



  6. Love these looks! I feel ya about slowly looking more and more awkward in pictures! Not sure why that is happening...but you look great!


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