Fashion Therapy - Vintage is the New Camo

 I love love love this dress I found last week! It's got to be a 70's house dress. The print is so fun and bright; when I stopped to take pictures in this random wooded trail by my house, for some reason I felt like the colors went perfectly. Maybe it's just the green, or the tiny square of red striped sign stapled to that tree...

The dress has a really interesting high button-up collar but it was too warm for that, so I tucked the flap inside and rolled up the sleeves. Did I mention it was only $3?! Too amazing. All Shook Up Vintage is my new favorite haunt.

dress - thrifted  |  belt - self made  |  shoes - mervyn's

I thought the ground was so cool! The eucalyptus leaves have left crisscrossed imprints on the ground. I wonder if this happened when the pavement was fresh, or if this is a result of time? I have never actually been on this little trail before, though I drive by it's start every single day. I'm really grateful for this blog for more reasons every day; besides being so much fun and helping me gain confidence, it's getting me to explore and appreciate my surroundings a lot more.

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; 
I am thankful that thorns have roses. 
~Alphonse Karr


  1. I love that quote you put at the end. You always have the best things on your blog..I love reading! This scenery is so perfect! You live in the prettiest area ever, I swear! Also, this dress is just absolutely perfect on you. I love the cut and the colors. I love your bangs too..I always admire them. <3 hope you're having a restful sunday dear. x

  2. what a fantastic dress! I love the colors, and you wear it well.

  3. Love the dress and belt! How did you make the belt?? <3
    I love your how-to posts! I can't wait to get a sewing machine to try them.

  4. Yes, love the print of the dress! I really like how you paired it w/ the belt.

  5. I love this dress! Its very very cute!

  6. The print on that vintage dress is just fantastic! I'm also loving your self-made belt with this!

  7. awesome photo location! really highlights that lovely dress. also, love the quote! :)

  8. i love the asymmetrical buttons on the dress! so cute!

  9. Cutest shoes EVER! Love your outfits!


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