Fashion Therapy - Blue & Brown

The sun is still shining, and I'm smiling because I found soo many wonderful things while thrifting! I still can't really believe it; I found an awesome vintage dress (check back tomorrow!) for $3, another gorgeous tooled leather belt with gold and silver buckle hardware, and several tops to round out my spring/summer wardrobe.

Maybe wearing my current favorite tooled "cowboy" belt drew the next one into my wardrobe. I also re-did my blog layout and am super happy with it. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I should pursue graphic design, since I love sitting around editing photos and looking up new ways to tweak the html codes of my page. Do any of you readers so this for a living? Want to message me and let me pick your beautiful brain??

Reach for the stars, even if you have to stand on a cactus. ~Susan Longacre

cardigan - thrifted | top - charlotte russe | belt - thrifted | skirt - self made
necklace - crossroads | shoes - claire's 

This is one of my favorite necklaces; I can't resist adorable tiny charms involving tea (or ice cream or penguins!)  
What is your favorite piece of jewelry? 


  1. Oh you look so beautiful! Love it. Cant wait to see your new dress..can I just say the back drop on your photos is so pretty? I love this rail road! Where is it? Also - cute necklace! My favorite jewelery peice would have to be a bird cage with a blue bird in it that my lovely boyfriend got for me for our anniversary. I love it! This tea cup is just precious..and your cardigan, amazing! x

  2. i heart this tshirt, i love the little pieces of color popping out. my favorite piece of jewelry are pendants. second would be earrings. :)

  3. Hi Meghan,

    Thank you so much for stopping on my blog:)

    I'm so glad you did it cause this is how I found you:) and I love your outfits and pics so much, they are so dreamy and fairytale like, ohhh and regarding to what you wrote on your profile, that you sew your own clothes, make food and all the stuff, guess what I'm pretty much in love with he same things, how cool is that.

    I'll definitely stop by frequently here cause it's such a cozy fashionable spot.

    Have a sparkly Sunday

    P.S. I've registered myself as a follower so that I won't miss anything.:)

  4. Oh you look great,I love this outfit!

  5. Love this outfit!!! Can't wait to see your thrift finds :)

  6. I love the background of your pictures, I can never take good outfit pictures by myself. I love the outfit and your necklace is gorgeous! My favourite piece of jewellery is my DIY peace necklace. Its my staple necklace :) I love it because it is the first necklace that I made. I'm going mad with my HTML. It doesn't like me AT ALL!
    Great blog, I'm following <3

  7. I love quirky animal jewelry- owls, whales, and elephants in particular

    great belt!

  8. I love the new layout, I really admire the way you can change stuff around!! I have enough difficulty getting pictures onto my blog where I want them!! Why do they always upload on to the top of the page, then when I move them I can't get the writing in the right place and it always changes colour and font, can you tell I get a bit frustrated with it all!!

    You look beautiful as always, I love this railway you often use, I'm assuming it is now disused - by trains that is!! I would love to walk my dogs down there!!

  9. Oh yes,I am SUPER EXCITED about Sex and the city 2!!!
    I cant wait!!!

  10. love your outfit! you have such a beautiful and inspiring blog!

  11. I am and have always been a tea junkie and i just adore this necklace!

  12. I love how simple the outfit is without the cardi. Throw on the cardi and it's a completely different vibe altogether.

    I can't get enough of my rings!


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