Fashion Therapy - Brownie Points

Oreo, or my precioussss, is an attention hound[dog]. She throws herself to the ground at everyone's feet, silently pleading "pleeeease, rub my tummy!" 

She's so cute it's hard to resist her, except this morning she really wanted to play, while I wanted to stand still and take pictures, haha! It's hard to believe I used to be anti-brown (and anti-colors and prints, and scared of dogs, as well)! The fashionable ladies of our community have totally opened me up to all these things, except the dog part, and I love it! I even want to wear pink, though I don't have any pink clothing...yet.

   cardigan - tresics | tee - thrifted | belt - thrifted | skirt - thrifted | tights - hue | shoes - unknown

Today was just a mish-mash of pretty much everything brown I own. I love brown tights though, they look softer with your skin shining through than black ones. I felt like being obnoxious and putting on leopard flats with the plaid skirt and printed t-shirt. I just thrifted the skirt and loved the stitching on the pockets. Plus, I just noticed how the buttons match the belt (another amazing find, thanks Crossroads and whomever sold you away)!

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. 
Kindness in giving creates love. ~ Lao-Tzu 


  1. I love the mis-match! I think its genius!

  2. Very cute! I like the mix of the printed tee with the plaid skirt.

  3. I love the pattern mixing here and the print on that tee! Your dog is too cute.

  4. your dog has the same name as my cat! also, i am all about that skirt. very nice! :)

  5. Hhahahaha great pictures! i love how the 2nd picture looks like you're trying to kick the dog. (Sorry, my sense of humour is very odd..)

    Since everything's brownish, all the pieces work in such harmony but at the same time remain quirky. Great combination!!

  6. lol cute dog, the look is even cuter!

  7. cute look & cute dog
    I'm a follower now (:

  8. Your doggins looks incredibly cute and cuddlesome!! I have a little black and white Shih-Tzu who behaves just like that.

    Love the skirt, the bias cut pockets are great, I shall be remembering that idea for when I next do pockets on something.

    I think you could show pics wearing black rubbish sacks and I'd love it. You do just have a very instinctive sense of style!!

  9. Ahhhaa! When I first saw this I thought it was a dress!! You look lovely in brown, and color, and prints. And Oreo is fucking adorable.


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